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Fast supply


Products must be supplied more quickly in order to be competitive these days. As a result, it is important that all steps in the process from idea to final product are as efficient and optimal as possible. This can be difficult as product information and customer orders are often stored in different groups. Often, PDM/PLM (Product data/lifetime management) are used for product and design information while information about customer orders, invoices and stock levels are often stored in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Linking pin


As a result of this, during the processing of engineering orders it can be difficult to adequately and efficiently supply the customer with a detailed design that can be used by your organisation to realise the project. HydroSym has been developed specifically as an aid to create schematics of your hydraulic design without extensive knowledge of CAD software in order to meet the customer demand quickly and adequately. An initial idea of the product design can easily be created in HydroSym. After approval from the customer, this design can also function as a list for the order as HydroSym combines the design options of CAD software with a library that contains detailed information about all components in any design. HydroSym can also be linked to existing ERP and PDM/PLM systems upon request with HydroSym functioning as the link between the two worlds.



In addition to HydroSym being especially suitable for the optimisation of internal processes, it also enables you to optimise and professionalise external processes and customer contact. Because diagrams are drawn in a professional and uniform manner in HydroSym, offers can quickly be made to customers. And this forms the basis that you need in current times to offer a complete package with all the necessary information in a short period of time.

Easily accessible

Your organisation might make use of account managers that have some technical affinities but not all the knowledge and skills of an (hydraulic) engineer for the processing of an order suggestion from customers. This is not a problem for HydroSym. Due to the easily-accessible interface, offers can be made to customers even by employees that do not have CAD software experience (including a sales employee). During the dragging and moving of components in the schematics all underlying information is directly available from the library. This makes it possible to quickly realise a quote and an offer. Invent, create, offer and process and then you can realise the project.

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