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Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about HydroSym.

What components are available in the library?

The components Library includes over 40,000 hydraulic components. All units that are supplied by the main manufacturers of hydraulic components have been added to the library. If your symbols/components are not available yet in the library you can create your own symbols/components and add these to the library or we can add them for you, free of charge.

What is the difference between a component and a symbol?

A component is a manufacturer-specific file containing all information on the part (number, description, type, manufacturer, etc.). Every component refers to other files such as assembly drawings and a symbol. Each symbol can be linked to a large number of different components. The component library is therefore much larger.

Are tubes, pipes and hoses also part of the Library?

Yes! We aim to provide you with software that enables you to quickly draw complete schematics. Tubes, pipes and hoses are also included in the Library. If you encounter that a symbol you need is not yet available in the library you can create your own symbol/component and add it to the library or we can add it for you free of charge.

Do I need to have CAD training to be able to use HydroSym software?

No. HydroSym and HydroMan software is developed as a stand alone product. You do not need to have skills and knowledge of CAD to be able to use our software packages.

Do I need any other software to use HydroSym?

HydroSym is fully standalone which means you will not need any additional software to get started. The software remains light and flexible as only the functionalities relevant to the drawing of hydraulic systems have been included.

Can I also create parts other than hydraulic components?

Yes, you can create every possible symbol and component.

Can I export from HydroSym?

Yes, you can export the hydraulic schematic as .dxf document or as a PDF.

Can I draw a hydraulic schematic with symbols exclusively?

Yes you can. Once you know which components will be used, you can easily transfer these symbols to components.

Can I add symbols and components to the library myself?

Yes. It is very easy to create your own symbols and components and to add these to the library.

For what do I use the pack & save functionality?

Have you completed your schematic in Hydrosym? You can generate a file that includes this schematic and all the information about the components you used with the click of just one button. This pack & save functionality ensures all information about the schematics is grouped in one file, ready for documentation or for sending it to the client.

Can I import my old schematics into HydroSym?

Do you have existing hydraulic schematics in .dxf or .dwg format? You can easily import these schematics with HydroSym. In addition to this, you can export schematics created in HydroSym as .dxf or .dwg format.

Is Engineering training required to be able to use HydroSym software?

No. Specialized engineering degree or background is not necessary to be able to use HydroSym software. The process of using the software is as simple as finding the component you need in the library and adding it with a click to your schematic. Of course, affinity and love of hydraulics is required!  

Do you provide training for using the software?

We have build this software to be highly intuitive, requiring very minimal learning curve to start using it. However to support you in getting started as smoothly as possible we have put together the following tools and trainings for you:  

  1. Quick Start Guide – with approximate reading time of 5 minutes, this document is accessible inside your software for reference at anytime. We suggest to read it fully before starting to use the software.  
  2. Video Library – We have also created a tutorial video library to visually take you through performing various tasks with the software. It is located here: https://vimeo.com/user8263520
  3. Step by step internal guide – As you start using the software we have also build in quick tips that appear to guide you through using the software.
Some hydraulic software packages I know of, are build using AutoCAD as a base, is this true for your software?

No. Our software is built from scratch. While AutoCAD is a great product, we believe that creating hydraulic schematics needs specialized tool. HydroSym as a completely stand alone software package, created by experienced hydraulic engineers. This means that you do need any additional program, plug in or extension to be able to use HydroSym and create complete hydraulic schematics.

With HydroSym you also have access to an extensive 40,000+ library of hydraulic components that works seamlessly with HydroSym.

I want to be able to easily convert my hydraulic schematic into a Bill Of Materials, is this possible with your software?

Yes. Once you have completed your hydraulic schematic you have the option to produce a BOM, or Bill of Materials for easy purchasing. It is as simple as a click in the menu of your software and you even have the option to add your own logo to the document if you are presenting it to your client. We are always thinking of ways to make your work smoother and easier, so thinking of all the details big and small is our mission.

Can I integrate HydroSym with my own PDM/ERP?

Yes. We have build our software to be flexible and integrate easily with programs and back end systems that you currently use. This will require some customized integration work which your IT department can do. Paro Software’s team can also help you with this as we have done for many of our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us with a question about integrating our software with your backend system: support@paro-nl.com

How can I test HydroMan software?

To show you the possibilities of creating a hydraulic manifold using HydroMan, we offer a live DEMO of the software. In order to make it relevant to you, during the demo we can show you how the software works by creating a manifold based on your design, this way you get to see HydroMan in a realistic situation that is applicable to your work.




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