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Hydraulics has no secrets for us. Paro has created hydraulic manifolds for nearly 40 years. We always supply skilled and tailored services whether this is a simple design or a complex manifold.



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Your hydraulic manifolds design

Paro Engineering will design a hydraulic manifold for you that will meet all your demands. You can submit your hydraulic system or suggestions in any format. We will not only supply the design of the manifolds, but we can also offer advice on the optimisation of your own hydraulic schematics and we can draw schematics for you. We are thinking with you, until we have developed the optimal design for you. When the manifold has received approval, we can supply the full list of symbols and components. From a bill of materials to production drawings, drilling lists and a check list. The service of Paro is characterised by its flexibility and unlimited support.

You can always rely on skilled and custom-made products and an excellent service. And we have been doing so for nearly 40 years.

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The quality that you expect

Paro Engineering is a driven and innovative hydraulics engineering consultancy and is a part of Paro Software. We excel in designing a good and well-planned manifold as a result of years of experience and knowledge. We always remove illogical connections in schematics that we receive. The design will be of a high quality because a design is always checked by a second person. For the same reason, our designs are always ready for production.

Fast supply

We always answer your questions as soon as we can. We also work with short run times which means you can have your manifold design within a short period of time. We can offer a price quote within two hours after sending a manifold design.

No surprises with the price

We work with a fixed price based on the information supplied to us by you. This will not change if revisions or changes to the design are needed. This means you always know how much the costs will be.

What you want

We highly value service. That’s why we aim to meet your demands as closely as possible. We know the market of hydraulic manifolds like no one else. As a result we can also for instance manage the production for you, or realise an order urgently if that is what you need. We guarantee a pleasant and flexible engineering process and first and foremost an optimal design.

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