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We believe tools that hydraulic engineers use including hydraulic design software should add value to your workflow and enable you to do your job more efficiently, faster, and more accurately. Software should fit in with how you work and where you work. We apply this philosophy to the way we structure our pricing and also how we provide support.

This is the reason we provide our customers with unlimited support. Our customers are very different, coming from companies of all sizes and from a great number of industries and geographies.  Being able to fit in their workflow and be relevant to their process is extremely important.

With Paro Software, support is structured in a number of ways:

  • Customers can email or call us with any questions
  • For customers that prefer self-learning, we have video tutorials available on our support page
  • Our sales engineers can always set up a video call to dive deeper into a specific question a customer may have
  • We regularly hold trainings on site for new customers and existing customers that would like a refresher course. We had customers from all over the world visit our office for a couple of days of trainings. Our CEO regularly goes out with the team to do trainings on location at our customer’s distance allowing.

Providing support doesn’t only help our customers but it also helps our team to stay connected with the most current needs and questions that come up. Only by staying close to the day to day work of our customers we can continue improving and tailoring the software to their needs. We update HydroSym and HydroMan software on a bi-weekly basis to continuously improve. Incorporating feedback from our customers is an extremely important factor in deciding on the next feature.

Paro Library of Hydraulic Components is updated on a daily basis. Customers have a chance to update the library to include hydraulic components and symbols and to make it even more effortless, we offer to upload these components ourselves for our customers.

We advocate that in today’s fast moving world it is important to deliver your product or service to your customer in a way that is convenient to them. We aim to enable our customers to do the say for their customers. And so the circle of support continues!