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What is the difference between drawing hydraulic schematics in AutoCAD vs HydroSym?

As a hydraulics engineer, at one time or another you probably have created hydraulic schematics using the popular AutoCAD program. Indeed so have many of our customers before they have switched to HydroSym.

To start your transition from AutoCAD to working with HydroSym, as best practice, we recommend to draw any existing AutoCAD schematic you would like to keep using, inside HydroSym instead of importing it.

The reason for this is that AutoCAD schematic is a one dimensional drawing and while the file will import into HydroSym, the elements will not be connected in a “live” format. It will remain simply a drawing and not a schematic with intelligent connections that you can easily drag and change.

If you are used to working with AutoCAD this may seem like duplicating your work at first, however, the benefit of redrawing a schematic in HydroSym is that going forward it will be very easy to adjust it and customize it for your various projects. The schematic in HydroSym will have all the components, valves and connectors in place giving you the possibility to drag and adjust the schematic while keeping the relationships in place.

To support you we are always here to add any hydraulic components to the library if by chance the components you would like to use are not already loaded. We will load these components for you.

For any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team. https://paro-nl.com/support/

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