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Paro Software is getting ready for it’s 14th year exhibiting at Hannover Messe! We wanted to share why we find it important to be present at industry’s largest show and how to get the most out of the experience whether as a visitor or an exhibitor.

Our first year exhibiting was in 1991, we were cautious not knowing what to expect, this feeling dissipated rather quickly! Every year since has served as a confirmation that Hannover Messe is absolutely the right platform to be present at for a number of reasons.

International Exposure

The show is great at attracting international visitors making it a truly global event. This is a perfect match for us at Paro Software as we serve customers all over the world from Latin America to Australia. It is a chance for us to be visible to new customers and to have them sit down with us at our booth for a live HydroMan or HydroSym software demo.

Learning and Inspiration

Hannover Messe is also an incredible platform to see innovation from all sides of industry. We are different from others in the field of hydraulics since we work with clients across many different industries. For this reason we choose to exhibit in “MDA” section, motion drive and automation. Users of our HydroSym software for designing hydraulic schematics come from a broad range of industries such as aviation, machinery, agriculture, mining and more. The show gives us a way to see the latest innovations coming from our customers and spark ideas of how we can align our offering to support their work.

Driving Innovation Together

HydroSym for quick export of hydraulic schematics

This year’s theme “Integrated Industry” is a topic we believe to be key building block for innovation. This is what Paro Software strives for, if you look at our product range of HydroSym and HdroMan, the goal is to enable our software packages to seamlessly fit with other tools and programs used by our customers. We created HydroSym to be the easiest and quickest tool for designing hydraulic schematics, the schematics can then with a few clicks be converted into a Bill of Materials and sent on to the purchasing department. 

Personal Contact

One of the most important values we get from Hannover Messe is a chance to meet with our existing customers face to face. We work remotely with our customers via phone, email, video calls through out the year whether it is for software training or support the show gives as a cost effective way to meet our global customers all in one place. The best of course is the opportunity to see them in “3D”, have a chat and share a beer!

Team Building

We can’t leave out the fact that our week at the show let’s us spend time as a team away from the office. We regularly visit our (not too faraway) customers to do demos and training, and Hannover Messe is a fantastic way for our developers and engineers to pick up their heads and get some inspiration from our customers and other exhibitors. Our software enables hydraulic engineers to be more creative in their jobs and we at Paro Software want to create the same atmosphere for us as team.

Come visit us at Hannover Messe Hall 23, Stand A29. We are also giving away some free tickets to the show. Please email info@paro-nl.com and we will be happy to extend you the invitation.