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The interaction between us and machines. It’s a long time discussion that is continuing since the beginning of industrialization. And today with new developments in digital technologies and future facing artificial intelligence, there is a question that we can’t help but ask; Are machines going to render us irrelevant and take over our jobs? Should we worry about this even? Or should we focus on once again re-inventing ourselves as humans and moving on to create new jobs? How can we make sure machines are creating value for us and what value we as humans can bring to this ever-changing ecosystem?

We are excited to participate in this discussion as part of Hannover Messe 2017 in Germany.

“Integrated Industry – Creating Value” is the official lead theme for the show this April.

“Widespread uptake of digitalization in the manufacturing and energy industries will only happen if integrated technology providers make a strong case for the associated benefits,” said Deutsche Messe Managing Board member Dr. Jochen Köckler. “Manufacturers and energy companies need to fully understand the direct, long-term benefits they stand to gain from digitalization. They need to recognize that digitalization adds value – and not just in terms of new and better machines. Value is also created by the ability that digitalization gives companies to update or completely reinvent their business models and improve the working lives of individual employees.”

This is exactly the challenge we have taken on at Paro Software, not only to help improve the working lives of hydraulic engineers by helping them be more productive but also to enable them to focus on the more creative, problem-solving tasks. We believe that “Integrated Industry” is truly the way forward but in order to achieve integration that really adds value to what we do, manufacturers and technology creators need to ‘integrate’ closer with customers. We need to understand the daily life and goals of our customers and put them at the center of what we do.

We have to also come to terms that in order to create value through “Integrated Industry” we have to INTEGRATE. This means that we have to acknowledge and accept the fact that our products or solutions are part of a larger framework that our customer uses to do their work. We have to take on the responsibility to ensure that the tools we provide will work well together with other tools that our customer may choose to use in their workflow.

To continue the conversation come visit us at Hannover Messe Hall 23, Stand A29. We are also giving away some free tickets to the show. Please email info@paro-nl.com and we will be happy to extend you the invitation.