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What can Silicon Valley teach Hydraulic Engineers? Silicon Valley and their digital cloud, wearable tech, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and 3D printing. These are the buzz words that just keep on buzzing and sometimes literally from our phones that somehow remain perpetually in our line of vision. Everyone seems to be “changing the world” with disruptive innovation, lighting fast service, and “always on” availability. These things are no longer a wonder, but has become the norm we all learned to take for granted.

What does Silicon Valley innovation have to do with hydraulics?

Well, Silicon Valley inadvertently went and changed us and our customers. Because of the immediately available information anytime anywhere, we have all been conditioned to expect instant gratification. We want answers immediately, we expect lightning fast service, and we want the tools we use to work seamlessly with each other so we can focus on being creative. In fact, our customers expect us to work in this way so we can help them to innovate and change the world.

By adapting our work in these four ways, we Hydraulic Engineers can also provide instant gratification to our customers:

Make Software Work for You

Provide your internal or external customers with answers faster without jeopardizing accuracy. Use design software that allows you to drag and drop from a library of up to date hydraulic components to create schematics quickly and accurately. 

Integrate Your Tools and Systems

Is customer data, order information, product details all stored in different systems? Make them integrate and communicate with each other. Let the technology seamlessly pull information you need from your PDM/PLM systems and sending relevant info to your ERP. This will empower you to do what you do best, be creative and focus on solving challenges together with your customers.

Eliminate Email

Do you work together with the purchasing team or suppliers? Do you send endless emails to convey information? Use a single system that will automatically transform your hydraulic schematic into a Bill of Materials that can easily be sent to your colleagues, or suppliers.

Become Virtually Indispensable

Your creativity and the personal attention you can provide to your customer is what will set your work apart in today’s fast moving world. Let technology do what it does best and help you deliver quicker and consistently, giving you more time to innovate and provide personal attention. This will condition your customer to depend on you, without all the “artificial buzz”.

To learn more how HydroSym and HydroMan software can help you become indispensable to your customers find out here: http://paro-nl.com/solutions/